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Halloween During Covid-19

If you’re wondering how to go about the restrictions and controversial happenings of the upcoming Halloween season, then read on fellow inquiring parent! Here’s a few ideas to either help you decide what you plan to do with your little gremlins (ahem, I mean, kiddos), or to get some inspiration on fun things to bring to the table!

As we all know and are probably SO sick and tired of hearing, this year has been a little…different. But is different always a bad thing? I think not! Let’s boogey down to it, shall we?

Keep The Spirit Alive

Whether you are planning on being a walker this Hallows Eve, or are planning on shutting out the zombies, it’s important to keep the spirit alive! Not just for our little ones, but also for ourselves and the little amount of sanity we have left. OOO an insane asylum patient costume idea! How fitting. Sorry, back to keeping some amount of normalcy. Right. SO a big thing here is DECORATING! Inside, outside, school classrooms, your home office, whatever it might be – you can do some really cool decorating that’s cheap and easy for anybody to do! One year I made a huge black spider out of garbage bags, leaves, and paper plates. I draped it over our front porch steps and it was a big hit! And it only cost me about fifty cents. It was brilliant. I’m sure many of you are thinking “Stuffing garbage bags with leaves is so basic. Everyone knows that” Well, DO IT! Bring your kiddos out to help you scrape up the leaves! Bonus – clean lawn.

Another easy way to keep the spirit alive for Halloween is to do all the regular and traditional activities leading up to Oct 31. Pumpkin carving, pumpkin pie baking, pumpkin spice latte drinking…you know, all that good stuff. Here are some other ideas:

  1. Get an old white sheet, cut two holes in it, and play Hide and Seek around your house! BOO is very effective
  2. Set up some bowls with different textured ingredients you find in your fridge or pantry. Grab a scarf or tea towel to use as a blindfold and have fun sticking your hands in gooey, crumbly, or crunchy stuff while trying to guess what it is. Create a score chart to make it into a fun family competition! Also, take turns on who’s blindfolded so you can get your kids all messy too! Muahahaha
  3. Watch a scary movie together – dip out to “go to the bathroom” and then creep through the shadows to give your kids a good scare. Using a mask, or simply draping a black fabric over yourself will make this more effective. I apologize in advance for any wetted pants…

Themed Gifts

If you have decided not to go trick-or-treating, try to still get a themed gift for your kids so they don’t feel left out when their friends talk about all the goodies they got the next day at school. It’s not their fault that Covid-19 sucks! Also, they’ve been through enough this year. They deserve something extra special! Just buying a bunch of mini candies from Wal-Mart won’t cut it – they get that anyways on grocery days, right? Try something like this:



 Creative Ways To Give Out Candy

If you don’t live under a rock, you have probably heard of the new trending “candy shoot” idea that some very cool parents came up with. If you have any sort of issue or hesitation with kids coming straight to your door, you can simply tape some old paper towel rolls together to shoot the candy through for the kids to grab. Do it up Halloween style by painting the tube orange and then spiraling some black electric tape down it. This can be fun to watch the kids try to catch it as it fly’s out the bottom! If you’re super handy, unlike myself, you could go to the extremes with this idea and do something like this:


Another thing you could do is get all your individually wrapped goodies (stay on the safe side! No one wants to be the creepy person giving kids baked goods), go to the nearest dollar store for some see-through goody bags and orange ribbon, and fill those with your wrapped treats.  Then line them up on your doorstep for kids to grab for themselves. This way, there won’t be a bunch of little hands grabbing at the same stuff in one bowl and spreading germs. Make sure you leave a note or sign on your step saying “ONLY TAKE ONE OR DIE!” or something like that…

Adding New Fun Elements To Traditions

If you do plan on hitting the streets to trick-or-treat (man I’m like the rhyme master in this blog post!), then try adding a new element to your already established traditions. Are you the parent who gets the kids costume from Value Village and takes them around without wearing a costume yourself? Don’t feel bad - many of us are! How about this year try doing a DIY custom costume for the kids and/or dressing up yourself to give your little gremlin the giggles. Bonus points if you can incorporate a family themed costume like the Addams Family or something cheap and easy to throw together like that. Trust me, your children will appreciate it and it will help solidify the Halloween memory in their precious little minds!

I hope you gained some inspiration and are ready to FOCUS on FUN! Don’t let the Covid-19 craze strip away at our treasured moments.

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Happy Halloween!

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