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About Us

We started this business because we believe that people need to spend more time with each other and not spend all their time wrapped up in the process of planning the perfect gift. Society has become so fast-paced that many of us now struggle with anxiety and depression.

We believe that by keeping up with the quick pace of rapid choices and rapid delivery, we can actually plot against the constant influx of things to do, and give time back to YOU.

Sarah realized that she was spending hours and hours every month trying to think of good gifts, making comparisons and lists, and simply wasting time that could have been better spent. So she thought "by creating baskets that incorporate a few different types of gifts bundled into one, you might be able to escape the trap of thinking 'I need one more gift for my brother. They didn't get as much as my sister and that seems unfair. Oh gosh, now I'm spending over my budget and spending more time on this than I can. I have so many other things to do!" 

She struggled with anxiety and depression herself and just wanted the pain of planning to end. But she didn't want to compromise the fuzzy feeling of gift giving and the act of creating memories with loved ones.

The idea of Rapid Baskets was born. 

We create relationships with suppliers, find the best products (sourcing local as much as possible), package to create a memorable unboxing experience, and utilize our internal system to help you choose, purchase, and receive your gift baskets without wasting any time or money.

The result? Beautifully crafted gifts at reasonable prices - all with less than five minutes of your time.

Why Shop With Us?

  • We strive for excellence in quality, service, and satisfaction.
  • We make it easy for anyone to send a thoughtful gift without the headaches of planning and sourcing - all from the comforts of home!
  • We are a one-stop-shop for all of your gifting needs -  curate the perfect gift by Build Your Own!
  • All designs are made with love and carefully packaged to make sure the gift unwrapping experience is one of full enjoyment!
  • Sophisticated goods with reasonable prices
  • We source locally as much as possible!
  • Same Day and Next Day local delivery options
  • Customizable Options